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You’re living a life that may not fit in conventional boxes. You knew how hard that was going to be. Maybe you spent some time in your life trying to fit in, instead, but that doesn’t work either. It’s been hard. It’s been worth it.

But you’re struggling. Living brave is not always easy. Who can you turn to for respectful support, tools and ideas to create your life worth living?

It’s our passion to create healing, safe space that is fat positive, sex positive, nerdy, queer affirming, poly and kink aware. We’re here to help you soothe anxiety, lift depression, really like yourself, manage strong emotions and handle conflict with loved ones like a pro.

We offer lots of ways to find your good. Individual and relationship counseling from the comfort of your home or in the office if you prefer. Workshops for a check up and tune in with others. Online courses for a self-guided experience. What’s your good?


Shame Resilience
Body Liberation

Meet the Team

EJ Millstone, LPC CDWF

Owner / Therapist

Watercolor Golightly, LAC


Mattie Smith, LAC