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My Story

Growing up, I never quite knew where I fit in. I knew I was different, somehow. In fact, in high school, I hung with a group of kids that were called the “tree group” because we sat under a tree–we all defied conventions somehow. Later in life, I discovered that I simply had needs that were not that different than anyone else’s, I just didn’t realize there were other people like me.

People who suffer from debilitating anxiety, for example, but still want to live brave lives. I also knew a traditional relationship style would never work for me, but kept trying monogamy on until I discovered that there were other options available. I knew I was a highly sensitive person with strong emotions and empathy, but I didn’t know that was just a normal, if unique, way of moving through the world. And I knew that I lived in a fat body and didn’t feel there was much wrong with that, apart from how society saw me.

What I’ve learned throughout my life is that we’re all much more alike than different, and being othered is often a product of society’s intolerance rather than anything wrong with each of us. That learning has shaped both my own growth and the growth I hope to help clients achieve in my counseling practice.


Shame Resilience
Body Liberation

Counseling at Move Toward Good

I have a strong foundation in mindfulness, self-compassion, and Brené Brown’s work in shame, vulnerability, belonging and bravery. I’m also highly trained in sexual and gender affirming therapies. I can also competently use modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, DBT, and motivational interviewing. All told, I have 20 years of experience in the mental health field.

You’ll hear me talk about shame and how it keeps us stuck. You’ll receive training in mindful practices such as meditation, body scans, and visualization exercises. Most importantly, though, we will focus on what is important to you. Our mission is to move you toward your best good, as you define and claim it.

As a member of the LGBTQI+ community, I specifically enjoy working with LGBTQI+ clients (including writing letters for gender affirming medical needs). My practice is open-minded and non-judgmental.